Quambomb's Baseball Cards

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Welcome to my website

I am currently 30 years old and have been collecting baseball cards for 15+ years. I am a collector which means I am a also trader, investor, and am not out to make a quick buck by flipping cards. I have a very diverse collection, but primarily collect Minnesota Twins cards as they are my hometown team. I have all sorts of autos, game used, parallels, inserts, and rookies to check out. I'm proud to call baseball card collecting one of my favorite hobbies, and am passionate about spreading knowledge of it and keeping the hobby alive and well in today's world.

I use thebenchtrading.com to trade online and post on forums. In fact, I am Hall of Fame member of the website meaning I have more than 100 completed trades (have 300+ total trades), and over 1,800 forum posts. I am also pleased to have earned a 5 star trader rating (100% positive feedback).

I hope you enjoy my website and find some cards you like. Thanks for visiting.